Production & Promotion Specializing in Talent Booking • Authors, Emerging Talent & Humanitarian Causes.

EllieB Block Party Productions (EBBP) & Nonprofit division - Holy Boldness Ministries

35-yrs experience as Producer - Broadcaster - Promoter: Guest & Host.

Infamous for ability to connect talent with media and message to audience.

Ellie Brown, known by followers as EllieB, is the Executive Producer of EllieB Block Party Productions LLC, SayIt EllieB LLC and its nonprofit division, Holy Boldness Ministries.

She now writes for KatyChristian Magazine, and can be seen as a guest on The Hope Report.

EllieB is a recognized visionary and nationally award-winning producer, promoter and broadcaster. She has designed a worldwide public relations company based on positive-action and service to others. EllieB is a sought-after speaker as well as a top political marketing strategist. Many awards and international recognition has led to an intriguing and diverse client base. EllieB specializes in the tough cases: those needing crisis marketing consultation, PR strategy and promotion. 

A fully empowered woman, entrepreneur, minister, and grandmother of five, her multidimensional talent is at once mesmerizing, as it is fun and engaging. EllieB’s broadcast mentor was Merv Griffin. Prior to his passing, he was in pre-production of a feature film based on her courageous personal and professional life-story, The 80s – Compton & Crack to Inspiring Hope. Merv called it his very own friend’s ‘Erin Brockovich-like powerhouse story.’

EllieB’s life is a testimony to strength and resilience. The EllieB brand has attracted a loyal following from diverse sectors around the globe. Charitable proceeds go to veteran rescue and stop human and sex trafficking programs

EllieB has recently entered a program to complete her Chaplain studies. A very big step in her FaithWalk. 


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EllieB has 34+ years in business development, marketing, broadcast and talent PR & promotion.

  • Promotion & PR Campaigns
  • Guerilla PR Campaigns
  • Marketing & Media Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Webpage Design
  • Media Production
  • Voiceover
  • Talent Booking
  • Podcast Promotion
  • Broadcast Host and/or Guest
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Political Strategist
  • National Spokesperson
  • Research

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